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Living The Dream

You will receive a warm and friendly welcome from Laura Smith (that's me!) with the experience of 3 generations of my family business in the tourism and hospitality industry.


I was born and raised on location, and with many years and experiences out searching for greener pastures, found them right back where I started. This chicken has retired and come home to roost!


My partner Gary Finlay and I assure you of a warm welcome, friendly hospitality and personal service in the ambiance and quiet comfort of our smoke-free Dreamer's Rock Bed and Breakfast.


Jazzy, our friendly, spoiled Golden Retreiver, and Velcro, our ungrateful rescue cat, share our home. Our pets are not allowed in guest areas.


Deer often come near to the house, and a Great Blue Heron fishes from a log on the opposite bank of the river.


How Dreamer's Rock Got Its Name

The original Dreamer's Rock is a sacred place on a small island north of Manitoulin Island. Native Canadian Ojibwe elders went there to pray; to seek inspiration and direction; to clear their minds and hearts and seek spiritual healing.


The location of my B&B on the Little Mississippi River in McArthurs Mills, was the site of my cottage for 30+ years. It was my refuge, a place where I gleaned peace and rejuvenation, sitting on the rocks at the waterfall and dreaming. I extend hospitality and welcome you to share the tranquility at my Dreamer's Rock.


Following is an excerpt from the well known Ojibwe author Basil H. Johnston's poem...

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